Future of Governance


How to Sell Data Innovation to the Board

Sure, there's increasing recognition that an organization's data should be viewed a strategic asset and potential profit center,  But how can you secure the necessary investments in data assets, infrastructure and security from the Board to make that a reality? Presenting a roadmap on September 13, 2019 in Sundance, Utah

Future of Governance


Solving Business Problems with AI

A panel discussion with executives from Hive, Nvidia, JP Morgan Chase, and SwiftStack and moderated by Adobe Director, Shailesh Basani.  August 20, 2019 in Santa Clara, CA

Future of Finance


Fearless in FinTech

Presentation on the imperative for Board Diversity at this Wharton School sponsored event.  July  15, 2019 in San Francisc

Future of Governance


Director's Academy

A discussion on The Role of the Board ... from the CEO’s Perspective with James White, Wayne Hewett and Glen Messina.  June 14th, 2019 in San Francisco.

Future of Marketing


CEO Master Minds

Founders often fail the challenges that hit after Product-Market Fit but before scaling.  Donna provided a "How To" on achieving Product-Marketing Fit to the Founders backed by Sway Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank 

Future of Governance


Women 2020

A dialog on the critical success factors for Board leadership in 2018 and beyond.  Held in Sacramento, where Governor Brown recently signed the nation's first bill requiring public companies to ensure gender diversity beginning in 20

Future of Governance


Challenges for Private Companies

A panel discussion on how directors, investors, and executives can align on board composition, skills, and processes to help emerging companies better prepare for the long term. This event was hosted by Women Corporate Directors and moderated by Ari Weinberg, Assoc. Director of the KPMG Board Leadership Cente

Future of Governance


The Board’s Role in Setting Corporate Strategy

Combining industry insights and robust board experience serving both private and publicly traded company boards, this panel of experts discussed the board’s responsibilities for overseeing corporate strategy. Donna was hosted by Equilar, KPMG and Georgeson.

Future of Finance


Hacking Finance 2017

Now in its 6th year in the beautiful French Alps, an exclusive gathering of international leaders re-imagining financial services for the Digital Age. Donna was hosted by The Anthemis Group, the leading FinTech investment group in the UK and NYC. 

Future of Brands


Driving New Value through CX

Understanding the future of the customer experience and outlining effective tactics to transform the way that innovation happens within organizations.  Donna was hosted by Sway Ventures.  

Future of Work


The Courage to Compete

With Eric Feng of Kleiner Perkins, a dynamic debate of the paradigm shifts in technology impacting the future of work and venture-backed companies. Donna was hosted by Stanford and OZY Media.

Future of Work


AI in the Workplace

Exploring how machine learning, ubiquitous communications, and flexible organization structures are re-shaping how we work and the opportunities these present for founders and investors. Donna was hosted by the Influencer Series and USVP. 

Future of Work


Role of Data in Decision Making

With Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn CEO, and Tara Lemméy, CEO of LENS Ventures, a deep dive into the approach and practice of putting your service out there so that your customers can help evolve it.

Future of Finance


Learnings from Building Mint.com

Lessons learned from building the first national Personal Financial Management application and brand for 2 million Millennials...with a team of 20 and a marketing budget of $1 per user. 

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